If you download reports, access any other material that I have created, engage my coaching services or use any resources available on my website you understand and agree to the following;

My materials are based on my own experience, research, training and study or licensed for use by their respective owners. They are my opinion of what works or what has worked for me.

They are not guaranteed to be error free or even necessarily suitable for your purposes. All I guarantee is your satisfaction with my product or service within the terms of the written guarantee provided.

I am not a qualified medical professional, counselor, therapist or legal professional. I do not claim to be, or want to be.

You are responsible for your own progress, decisions, actions, emotions and overall well-being, as well as for creating your own results. All decisions are exclusively yours, and you take full responsibility for your own choices.

You are aware that a formal Coaching Relationship with me, and the resources available on this website, are in no way to be construed as psychological counseling, any type of therapy or qualified legal advice. It does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders and is not a substitute for counseling, or any other mental health or substance abuse services. In the event that you feel a need for professional counseling, therapy or legal advice, it is your responsibility to seek a licensed or qualified professional.

If you are still reading this, then you are obviously highly intelligent and fully capable of making your own informed decisions.

I take my recommendations seriously. It is my policy to only recommend products or services that I sincerely believe in and would recommend with or without compensation.

I have developed affiliate relationships with select individuals, and with some of my recommended resources.

I try to always make such affiliate relationships clear, but in case I ever miss one - Please note that if you click on a resource link on this or any of my other websites, you can assume that it is possible that I may get paid or otherwise compensated if you happen to buy the recommended resource through my link.

If this bothers you, and you still want the resource, then feel free to go buy it from someone else's link and let them have the commission.

I am more interested in you getting what you need, than in whatever compensation I may or may not receive from an affiliate relationship. If a resource does not seem a good fit for you or the investment is too much for curiosity alone, then don’t buy it!

Any commission on a one off sale is not worth a broken relationship with a trusted client to me.

Links on other people's sites change from time to time, without my control or knowledge.

If you follow a link to a site that discusses income potential in any form, please note that all business ventures carry an inherent risk and results usually vary widely. Some people achieve success earlier than others, some barely break even, and other people never make any money at all. A lot of factors come into play. It could be their current level of expertise or performance. Some people have a steeper learning curve, or more motivation than others.

Everyone starts with their own unique set of personality, skills, experience, work ethic and God-given talent! All statements of income claims or of typical results made on other sites are made by the site itself, and are the responsibility of the owners and administrators of that site. The statements are not investigated or verified by me. I encourage you to do your own research, read any disclosures, disclaimers, privacy policies and terms of use to satisfy yourself that any product, service or system in question will meet your needs or has an acceptable level of risk for you.

Only you can make that call!

So whatever you do, do it well, be a high performer, and be positively influential!

Rob Christensen

 Last updated 27-Mar-2020


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